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How Long Does an Air Purifier Need to Clean a Room?

For those who are not familiar with the term ‘Air Purifier’, it is an equipment that functions as a pollutant or contaminant remover. What this means is that this equipment takes away any form of contamination from the air in a room. From dust particles which could trigger allergic reactions, to tobacco smoke in the air, this equipment works at removing them all, leaving a more conducive environment with purer air. Some of the common misconceptions of air purifier usage is that ‘once is enough’. This is so not true because the process of air purification is nothing like household chores. Unlike dish washing or laundry, the air in a room needs to be purified continuously.

Come along with me, I have a little secret to reveal…

Based on information from all great appliances air purifiers article, the role of an air purifier cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to our different lifestyles, the air purifier is constantly working to purify the air we so easily contaminate with our daily living. It could be from the movement of people in and out of the room or from the natural phenomenon of sneezing. Whichever the case may be, by humans or pets, indoor environments always are predisposed to contaminants. This however does go to show that the process of air purification should be a never-ending one. There are certain reasons why it is necessary to clean our air nonstop. But then, to get the desired level of purity, it would help to first understand these reasons.

Why Healthy Air Is Important

There are a couple of health benefits from breathing purified air. These benefits range from alienating allergic reactions and triggers for conditions like asthma, to ensuring that occurrences like choking hazards are also reduced. As an individual, there are certain facts about air purification as it relates to health which you need to know in order to ensure that your air purifier provides these benefits. For these benefits to be provided, here are a few things to take into consideration :

Your level of sensitivity
Dilution of air pollutants
Distribution of air pollutants
Re-establishment of pollutants
ACH (Air Changes Per Hour)

The effectiveness of your air purifier in terms of efficiency. Now, you might want to ask how this affects your air cleaning activity? To answer this would be to address each point stated above and just how it relates to the whole purification process.

Sensitivity :

As they say, to each his own. Different individuals with his or her own level of resilience. What could affect Mr A today may not affect Mr B tomorrow. It all depends on how much each individual can handle in terms of pollutants and of course physical stress level

Pollutants Dilution :

This is very important as air purification is about the gradual dilution of pollutants in the air with clean, non contaminated air. The air purifier aims at ensuring that the level of contaminants in the air are controlled to the barest minimum at all times, leaving it at a point where it has zero adverse effect on you.


This is not as scary as it sounds. Usually particles in the air as well as gases are always in motion and never stationary thus it would be a rather impossible task for your air purifier to trap these particles or pollutants. This is why the air purifier should be constantly working as these particles are also constantly moving thus they are also prone to round the clock distribution.

Re establishment of pollutants 

It may seem a bit worrisome to note that the air being let out of our air purifier gets contaminated almost round the clock by polluted air. Since it is impossible to actually preserve clean air in a part of the air purifier while cleaning out the contaminated air, it is indeed key that the air purifier gets to work non stop as this would reduce pollutants to the barest minimum and also keep pollution at minimal level. You also need to ensure that just as this air is constantly being contaminated, you are ahead of the game by ensuring that your air purifier is constantly doing its job so that this re contamination is not left to stay. Like a leaking boat, re contamination could lead to various levels of hazards and that is why the air purifier needs to be in total control, preventing the prevalence of contaminated air.

For a conducive room, your air purifier needs to run constantly for purer air and healthy living. This is exactly where Air Changes per hour comes in. ACH determines just how fast contaminated air can be replaced with purified air.  To determine ACH, you need the quantity of pure air your air purifier can deliver per hour in cubic feet and this is to be divided by the size. If the room also in cubic feet.

This automatically gives you the Air change per hour in that particular room. This also tells you the ideal air purifier for a particular room.  Research has shown that 6ACH is best suited for occupants with acute respiratory issues. While for occupants with other forms of allergies, 4ACH would be best suited. For the best results, it is however recommended that only proven air purifiers should be purchased as they often have less ACH with less fan speed which equals to reduced noise.

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