Cook Better With a Microwave

Easily among the most common kitchen appliances that we have today, a microwave has changed the entire concept of how we used ovens a few decades ago.

Microwaves are primarily used to heat different kinds of foods. It actually uses ‘micro waves’ to penetrate the food and get it heated with ease. Initially, this was the only use of a microwave, but things have changed with its modern generations. Today, you also have options to cook several different kinds of foods in a microwave. The ease this cooking feature has offered users is simply beyond explanation. You can get the work done with a minimum amount of effort.

A microwave tends to work in an opposite manner to what is normally conceived though. It starts cooking food from the inside first and then makes its way to the outer layer of your food. There are a lot of different things that you can cook inside this kitchen appliance, but things often seem not to work out for people in this regard. This is because there are quite a few mistakes people make while cooking food in a microwave.

In order to make sure your cooking efforts with a microwave cash out well, we have jotted down the following tips for you.

Cooking Eggs the Right Way

Did you know that you can cook eggs inside a microwave oven? You actually can. If you have your oven occupied and want to cook an egg, you can do that using your microwave. In fact, you even have a choice to either to cook a sunny side up egg or poach the eggs instead. For the former, simply start off by preheating your plate and add some butter onto it. Now crack the egg and pour the contents into the plate before putting it inside the microwave. Now run the microwave for about three-fourth of a minute.

If you want to have your eggs poached, take a bowl and fill it halfway with water. After that, crack an egg in the bowl and heat it for about a minute.

Ensuring Even Distribution

One of the most common problems using this kitchen appliance is heating the food evenly inside it. Every single owner has gone through the quest of heating their food evenly in a microwave, and failed. As it stands, you have been doing it wrong all this while.

To heat your food evenly inside a microwave, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your food is spread out properly in the plate. Then clear a bit of space in the center of the plate before running the plate in the microwave.

Another way to heat you food evenly is to take the rotating microwave plate and place the food at its edge before running it. This will also distribute the heat evenly.

Protecting the Outer Layer

Have you even cooked something in your microwave only to find its outer layer to be dried out? This is also a problem when heating food in a microwave. The reason why this happens is because of the salt content that you have on the food. Salt attracts micro waves and dries the food. If you require salt in your food, sprinkle it after its job inside a microwave is complete.

Using Plastic

Although modern versions of this kitchen appliance are the safest to use, there is one major issue that must be addressed to avoid potential risks.

A lot of times people put frozen foods in a microwave without taking off the plastic wrap over it. While it does not matter in some cases, it does most of the times. This is because most plastics are not built to survive the intense heat from a microwave. It can either burn, or melt the plastic into the food, making it a potential hazard to health. As per the United States Department of Agriculture, you should only put in a plastic wrap if it is clearly labeled as safe to be used inside a microwave.

Even when putting in food with plastic labeled as microwave safe, you should remain careful of one major thing: the plastic must not touch the food. This can not only affect the taste of your food, but also make it extremely dangerous to eat.

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